Mirrors is written and produced by Jamie Killen. It stars Lucy Pearce, Sarah Hemmi, and Jamie Killen. You can support the show by subscribing and leaving a review on your favorite podcatcher, or by donating to our Patreon fund. 

Jamie Killen is the writer and producer of Mirrors. She also plays Sierra. She's the author of horror audio drama SPINES, several dozen short stories, and a novel called The Wandering Land. She lives in Texas with several other monsters. 

Lucy Pearce is the voice of Helen. Find out more at http://www.lucyjpearce.com/ 

Sarah Hemmi is the voice of Z. Sarah is an actor based in San Antonio, Texas. She has been involved in many local stage productions, and some of her favorites include Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?BethlehemThe Professionals, and Creatures of the Night. Her audio drama credits include The Haven ChroniclesThe Hidden Staircase, and Tunnels. She can be found on Twitter: @snixon17 

Sarah Rhea Warner is the voice of Eloise. Sarah is a writer and podcaster who lives in the midwest. She is the creator of the audio drama Girl In Space, which is about a girl in space, and founder of the Write Now podcast, which helps aspiring writers find work/life balance while pursuing their creative passion. You can find Sarah at sarahwerner.com, or simply stalk her on the social media platform of your choice.